Places I Have been since I’ve been a full-time photographer.

So a lot of people ask me daily about “where have I been, what is your favorite place you have been and why”
I can tell you right now that I really don’t have a favorite place from all my travels, just because I find every place I go to something usually sparks my interest rather it be a sweet looking tree that is growing upwards in the forest or the hidden gems like waterfalls and vast mountain valleys. All my travels consist of being inside the USA, just because I do not have a passport and I usually travel by car. I prefer traveling by car just because its a way more scenic way of experiencing the adventure and you get to see all the ground that you would have missed if you were flying. Plus I kinda am still afraid of flying (just the takeoff part lol). A lot of the times I do travel alone unless someone wants to come. But I do this because I am fully focused on being in the moment and not worried about bothering other people if I am indecisive on a place. I can move from down the mountain and to a point and be like “oh never mind I’d rather be up on top instead” and I can just let my mind wander and be way more in the moment and not be rushed.

Here are a few places I have been for the past two years that I have been a full-time photographer. I have been from NYC-LA and everywhere in-between, but these are some of my favorites.

“Hocking Hills state park- Ohio”

“Alberqurque- New Mexico”

“Los Angeles- California”

“Muir Woods- California”

“Zion national park- Utah”

“Arches National Park- Utah”

 “Orem- Utah”

 “Little cottonwood/Big cottonwood canyon-Utah”

“Glenwood Springs- Colorado”

 “Evergreen- Colorado”

“Yellowstone National park-Wyoming”

I currently live in Colorado, I lived in Salt lake city for an entire year coming from Ohio, So I must say living on the west coast is seriously given me so much opportunity with making new relationships and exploring my innersole, I highly recommend to take that leap even if you are scared Just because things aren’t good now, doesn’t mean they will be that way forever.
Its fun exploring even if you are by yourself because you can truly find yourself and be the person you really want to become and best of all you might fall in love with the place like I did for the west coast and eventually want to move from the place you are at now. Its defiantly been a complete eye opener and challenge for me to live on my own and find work for my passion. But I truly believe in doing what you love and letting the money come to you instead. No matter how hard the past is. You can always begin again.
These are just the top favorite places I have been, I recommend going to some of these if you have the time and have the curiosity to explore, especially “Glenwood Springs Colorado, Its one of my favorite places on earth showcasing beautiful mountains on each side and hot springs to relax in at the end of the day from a long hike or shopping in the city. Now, what are you waiting for? Go explore and take a vacation to see the beauty that this earth has to offer.